Friday, 5 June 2015

Denmark. A Mega Country with Modern System of Transport.

Denmark, the home of highest point in Europe, has served by a developed and modern system of transport. The country’s motorway network has spread at the far-flung area over 1,111 Km while the railway network covers an area of 2,667 km which is all in motion. The official authorities have executed many plans to improve the traffic flow across the country on both motorways and rail. There are five direct trains which are operating from Hamburg to Copenhagen almost in every two hours. One of these trains have extended their track to Berlin but still there is no train available in the night, so be aware if you are coming from farther away in Denmark.

It is stated that Danish trains are very comfortable, modern but expensive at the same time. Tickets are available at stations, you can purchase it from vending machines or DSB website. If you are not travelling by rail pass, you must acquire orange color ticket which is a discounted ticket, available at the departure stations.

You can travel around in Denmark by bus as well if trains are not fulfilling your comfort hunch, especially tourists from neighboring countries can travel by bus more economically than the train. There are three daily buses for Scandinavia, night bus for Gothenburg and two daily buses for Stockholm are being operated with appropriate fares and facilities. Bus services are the best way of travelling from one place of this continent to another in Europe with ease and comfort.

Taxi service is also very popular in Denmark equally within local commuters and foreigners. After buses, taxis are the cheaper and comfortable mode of transport to travel around the country. You can hail a taxi on roads and bargain for charges. Drivers are qualified enough in Denmark that will help you in your travelling as a guide too. You can also easily book online for Copenhagen airport transfers here. Taxis which are officially registered are more safe and convenient source of travelling in Denmark,
Denmark is also subserved by modern and developed airport and Copenhagen airport is the highlight of this country. It is the largest and oldest airport of the Denmark and serving 25.6 million passengers till 2014. Copenhagen airport is also considered as a busiest international airport in Scandinavia with the largest airlines.

Overall, Denmark is a remarkable country with its outstanding modes of transport and infrastructure system that will certainly assist a traveler in his spectacular journey to this mega country.

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