Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Danes, the Happy People

If rankings are anything to go by and you are from Denmark then you are very likely to be a happy person. Recent studies have put Denmark right on top of the list of places with the happiest people in the world. One cannot help but wonder what criteria were used in the ranking. As expected, the World health report has generated a lot of attention for the Danish nation. Another observation is that neighbours of Denmark like Sweden, Finland and Norway are also ranked high on the list. Maybe there is something in the water in Scandinavia that makes people happy. You may want to consider visiting the region for your next holiday.

World Happiness Report Criteria

The criteria used according to official sources include GDP, life expectancy, and others. With a score of 7.693 Denmark came first ahead of its neighbor, Norway who had a score of 7.655.  
Life in Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, being the main city in Denmark is a really good place to observe the culture of the Danish people. There are one or two things other nations of the world could learn from their way of life. One of the first things you are sure to notice is the high number of bicycles you will see on the street. They even have a special road for cyclists. A good percentage of their citizens commute daily on bicycles. The city is also very neat and well planned with many of their buildings having plants of their roof. Quality and easy access to health care, up to a year maternity leave and lots of other benefits the Danish enjoy makes them very confident in their government. There are also lots of bars and relaxation spots all across Copenhagen which immediately shows the stranger evidence that the Danes know how to have a good time. To sustain all this, the people do need to pay tax at rates which are probably the highest in the world.  The people however do not seem to care much about the rates because they can see why it is necessary.

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